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When choosing a disk solution, one of the most important features in addition to its size is the protection of data to be kept there. CEPH technologoy, in addition to the scalable solution, which enables to freely increase the disk space, offers proven data protection methods: Replications and Erasure Code.
What is the difference and which solution to choose in our system ?

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Apparently, users can fill any disk resource. But not in the case of CEPH!
This disk system is built on individual multi-drive servers (nodes) connected to a network. With the addition of subsequent nodes, the system capacity increases linearly and in addition, its efficiency increases. The only limitation is your budget and space in the server room.

Our company has done the production deployment of a very efficient disk cluster using the CEPH system as a shared storage area for the computing cluster. The cluster with a capacity of 1 PB and resistant to failure of any node can reach transfer speeds in excess of 10GBps.

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