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Till today,  most dense HPC systems could accommodate maximum of 4-6 high power GPU NVIDIA accelerators in 2U.

Today, HPE announced new machine called HPE Apollo 6500 server. With two newest Broadwell processors from Intel and eight newest GPU accelerators, it is most dense solution for HPC on the market.

The Apollo 6500 will run NVIDIA GPUs, AMD GPUs, and the Intel Xeon Phi.

It fits well for deep learning, machine leaning and HPC clusters solutions.

HPE Apollo 6500

HPE Apollo 6500, 2U, 8x GP GPU, 2X Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 Broadwell


We will definitly get one of this for testing purposes. If You are interested in pricing, and more details, feel free to contact Us.

Meanwhile You can read more about it, on HPE site

HPE announced new model of Apollo server series. Looking at the architecture, it is clear, that HP didn`t only introduced new chassis which can hold up to two nodes. HPE made big change in the way how disks shelfs are connected to the servers. In Apollo 4510 with oneApollo 4520 node or Apollo 4530 with 3 nodes, every node has access to one of disk shelfs. On the other hand in new Apollo 4520 we get two nodes, which has access to all disks installed in the chassis.

This architecture design is perfect fit for parallel filesystem like Lustre which gives Us very dense solution with HA built-in for OST and MDS servers.



Detailed look at HP Apollo 4520 specification…

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Todays BigData solution implementations faces many problems, especially when it comes to hardware and software management of entire clusterbrain. Administrators are looking for software familiar to vCenter in Vmware culsters, which they could use to administer their whole HPC and BigData Cluster containg hundreds or even thausands of nodes. This article fucuses on HP CMU Software, which can be implemented to administer BigData Apache Hadoop clusters.



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We have already written about iLO and its capabilities. However, it is worth getting more attention.

When deploying smaller or larger clusters, we start hardware configurations by setting iLO (server name, network configuration or adding the user). For smaller deployments, we proceed normally by logging in to each server manually and making necessary changes on the Website. But what if the implementation includes 100, 500 or 1000 servers? The mere thought of manually configuring so many machines can be a headache!

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One of the most important tasks for every data center and computing cluster administrator is to manage and monitor the existing infrastructure. Often you need a lot of utilities, hardware, and software in order to do this. With HP Advanced Power Manager, you can simplify and hp_apmconsolidate the management and monitoring processes into one device and location.

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