It is anticipated that the coming years will be the era of storage systems for petabytes of data and billions of files.scality_logo
Scality RING
Megatel and HPE have chosen Scality RING Object Storage as a solution that meets all the requirements of businesses and institutions needing local storage of petabytes of data while requiring fast and reliable access to them.

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It is not questionable that Cisco is the biggest networking equipment supplier worldwide. With almost 60% market share, it is clear that a lot of companies is using their hardware. But what if, we want to change question markCisco to something new, or we are just starting Our networking journey, and we are looking for something new and fresh. Is there something as good as Cisco, or even better, when it comes to Wireles
s LAN Networking ?

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Till today,  most dense HPC systems could accommodate maximum of 4-6 high power GPU NVIDIA accelerators in 2U.

Today, HPE announced new machine called HPE Apollo 6500 server. With two newest Broadwell processors from Intel and eight newest GPU accelerators, it is most dense solution for HPC on the market.

The Apollo 6500 will run NVIDIA GPUs, AMD GPUs, and the Intel Xeon Phi.

It fits well for deep learning, machine leaning and HPC clusters solutions.

HPE Apollo 6500

HPE Apollo 6500, 2U, 8x GP GPU, 2X Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 Broadwell


We will definitly get one of this for testing purposes. If You are interested in pricing, and more details, feel free to contact Us.

Meanwhile You can read more about it, on HPE site

MEGATEL company, as a MEGATEL & ACTION consortium leader participates in installation of two of biggest HPC clusters in Poland. Each of the HPC cluster will exceed a magic threshold of 1 PFlops.

First HPC cluster will be located at AGH UST in the ACK CYFRONET datacenter in specially built new facility in Cracow. The latest cooling technology called hot water cooling will be used for cooling. The cluster will be built of more than 1,700 2P Intel Haswell (E5-26xx v3) connected with the Infiniband FDR network. The total computing performance (Rpeak) will be 1.6+ PFlops.

The second HPC cluster will be located at Gdansk University of Technology in CI TASK datacenter. This time, it will be the air-cooled system. It will also be built of more than 1,300 2P Intel Haswell (E5-26xx v3) nodes connected with Infiniband FDR network. The total computing performance (Rpeak) will be 1.2+ PFlops.

You can find more information in our PROJECTS section of the home page.

HPC cluster Prometheus

HPC cluster Tryton