It is anticipated that the coming years will be the era of storage systems for petabytes of data and billions of files.scality_logo
Scality RING
Megatel and HPE have chosen Scality RING Object Storage as a solution that meets all the requirements of businesses and institutions needing local storage of petabytes of data while requiring fast and reliable access to them.

About the Scality:

Scality RING is a scalable commercial disk space (capacity and performance) with x86 servers

The main advantages of using Scality RING:

– a unified namespace even for different geolocation

– Resistance to simultaneous failure of multiple disks and servers (erasure code)

– Proven in large and heavily loaded installations (petabytes of data and billions of files

Fig. Scality RING application example for VoD (DailyMotion

(Currently 35PB audio and video data, 3 locations)

Scality-based object matrices are also used in systems such as:

– active data archives

– video on demand

– data backup

– Data storage of HPC calculations

Cloud services and SaaS applications

– data storage systems for local dropbox solutions

For a full description of the uses and other uses of Scality RING, please refer to the dedicated website: http://www.scality.com/resources/#SolutionSheet.

Scality has deployed RING in more than 100 clients worldwide, and the size of many of the systems exceeds 10PB

For more information about Scality RING implementations, please visit – http://www.scality.com/resources/#CaseStudy
Scality and Megatel
Megatel has implemented the first implementation of the Scality solution in Poland with a useful capacity of 600TB installed in two active data centers in Poland. The solution is intended for archiving video from digitalisation and terrain imaging systems.

If you are considering buying or replacing an existing storage, archiving, or backup solution for large data sets in the near future, consider Scality RING.

We also invite you to contact us directly. We provide the expertise of our engineers as well as support for the configuration and selection of appropriate servers and Scality RING functions.