It is not questionable that Cisco is the biggest networking equipment supplier worldwide. With almost 60% market share, it is clear that a lot of companies is using their hardware. But what if, we want to change question markCisco to something new, or we are just starting Our networking journey, and we are looking for something new and fresh. Is there something as good as Cisco, or even better, when it comes to Wireles
s LAN Networking ?

How to find the replacement

I use mainly one tool to find the answer to questions like:

– where the market is going when it comes to thechnology X

– which company is the visionare and/or leader on the market if it comes to technology X

– how their technology is different than competitors


My tool is Gartner report. Gartner very closely look at given market and analyzes major companies on it. Then, they divide companies in four groups: leaders, visioners, niche players and challengers.

Lets look at their last report on wired and wireless LAN Access Infrastructure market:




As we can see, there is one company along with Cisco – HPE Aruba Network.


Why HPE Aruba, Why Visionaries ?

The main reason why HPE Aruba is treaten as a viosnare on the Wireles Infrastructure us because their vision of the network itself. They believe that future Office is the „no wire” office where almost all communication goes through wireless connection. They build they WiFi infrastructure with this vision in mind which ended up with such kind of amazing features like:

– every AP can have built-in virtual wirelless LAN controller

– every AP has built-in IDS/IPS system, co we can protect our wirelless network closest to the user.

– all hardware is built with security first principle. Systems like Rouge AP detection, ClearPass and AirWave ensure Us that Our Enterprise network will be safe.



Cisco aruba comparison

As we can see, there is at least one strong competitor to Cisco on the market.

So, If You struggle with question „If not Cisco than what ?”, You should definietly get closer look at HPE Wired and HPE Aruba Wireless Network Solutions.