HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) is HP 3PAR management an3par logind reporting software that offers converged management of up to 16 arrays with native reporting for those arrays. While centralizing management under a single pane, you will double your virtual machine’s density on your physical server, by saving 50% of its storage capacity. It is accessible through a web based UI, which allows users and administrators to run operations remotely from any device. The HP 3PAR System Reporter is fully integrated in SSMC and offers reporting templates, scheduled reports and threshold alerts.

We have installed it on Our LAB to see how it works…

For installation and testing purposes we used:

– VMWare vSphere 5.5

– Virtual machine with CentOS 6.6

– Image of HP SSCM software downloaded from HP Software Depot

Installation procedure is very simple and intuitive. After installation we are able to connect to managment web ui console through address https://Your_vm_ip_address:8443

The HP 3PAR GUI is user-friendly, simple to navigate through, allowing you to have an easier access to its features, by organizing the key components in a single drop-down menu, consisted of 6 different categories.

The statistics representation of most of the features are presented in a percentage displaying pie-charts, giving the user better perception of the performance or statistics of the hardware. The screen is divided in two parts: header, where the main menu and the search bar can be found; and a main screen where all the information and data are displayed.

Dashboard view

Physical Drives View

The software allows users to manage diversity of aspects of the 3PAR arrays i.e change virtual volumes settings, add/remove licenses,hosts, configure CPG etc.

HP 3PAR SSMC is very similiar to HP OneView. HP 3PAR SSMC and HP OneView, are very collaborative and tightly connected softwares, using the same intuitive toolset to simplify automation, reduce errors and increase the efficiency of storage, servers and network management.

By integrating a lot of tasks such as identify, collect, understand, monitor, and operate, users will experience efficiency and task performance much faster, particulary in big cluster enviroments such as Openstack or HPC Clusters based on HP hardware.

Prepared with collaboration with Filip Muratagik (responsible of testing enviroment creation, installation, and software tests)