Archive April, 2015

Imagine that we have a thousand of servers at our disposal that do not have a system, but we alreadCMU_Screeny have the iLO network set up. With the iLO functionality in servers, we can mount the system image and install it, but how long would it take? It would be very long and tedious work. The rescue comes from the HP Insight Cluster Management, called HP CMU, which is designed to make the work of the Administrator quick and easy.

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Apparently, users can fill any disk resource. But not in the case of CEPH!
This disk system is built on individual multi-drive servers (nodes) connected to a network. With the addition of subsequent nodes, the system capacity increases linearly and in addition, its efficiency increases. The only limitation is your budget and space in the server room.

Our company has done the production deployment of a very efficient disk cluster using the CEPH system as a shared storage area for the computing cluster. The cluster with a capacity of 1 PB and resistant to failure of any node can reach transfer speeds in excess of 10GBps.

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