HP infrastructure for the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow

HP has provided infrastructure for the newly opened Center for International Education (CEM) at the School of Information Technology and Management (WSIiZ) in Rzeszow. The value of investments amounted to PLN 2.4 million.

The project covered creation of 17 modern laboratories, including but not limited to advanced computing environment for parallel computing, virtual 3D cave, which - thanks to the special glasses - allows to move to virtual reality, the only Polish university hall allowing to assume the role of a financial broker, automation and robotics laboratories provided with machines used in factories, computer environment for parallel computing approximating the work of contemporary scientists and facilities fitted with solutions for remote medical diagnosis. Laboratories reflect the practical use of advanced information technology in various industries and disciplines - from telemedicine, through graphic sections of the media through to the financial exchanges.

"Fully equipped laboratory enables students to learn computing environments that are used in large companies from different industries" - says Tadeusz Pomianek, Rector of WSIiZ in Rzeszow. "Students can experience the latest IT solutions used in various areas of life, educate under innovative education programs that address the needs of the labor market". Nearly 10,000 students studying at Rzeszow University will benefit from the laboratories.

Blade architecture and virtualization

The core of the IT environment is the HP BladeSystem c7000 infrastructure, equipped with HP BL490c G6 class servers that are connected to the HP P2000 G3 disk array with a total capacity of 30TB. All personal computers (circa 140 machines), which are available as part of the laboratory rooms have been virtualized and are available from 4 servers under the HP BladeSystem c7000 infrastructure. Students use them through the HP t5740 computer terminals connected to the LAN network. All systems used in the laboratory services, such as database servers (containing medical data used in medical diagnostic laboratories, the data of stock market made available in classrooms - stock market simulators), streaming servers, file servers and other servers were virtualized at 2 additional HP BL490c G6 servers.

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