Poland's largest air-cooled computing cluster

1300 nodes and computing power of 1.2 PFlops

The MEGATEL company - as a leader of the MEGATEL and ACTION companies consortium - shall take part in a very technologically and logistically advanced project - the construction of Poland's largest air-cooled computing cluster.



The consortium and the Technical University of Gdansk have signed a contract worth more than PLN 30 million for the installation and assembly of a computing cluster for the CD NIWA project. This will be the largest system of this kind in Poland. It will consist of more than 1,300 Infiniband networked servers with a total computing power of over 1.2 PFlops (petaflops). It will be built based on HP technology called HP Apollo 6000, dedicated for densely packed air-cooled server installations.

Installation will accommodate more than 30 rack cabinets and will consume 450kW + of electrical power. It will be used in academic research areas related to digital modeling and application development.

The system ranks in the top # 50 of computing clusters in the world, in the first # 20 in Europe and in the first # 5 of academic clusters in Europe (data: www.top500.org for June 2014.). Official performance tests are foreseen for June 2015.

Gdansk University of Technology in Poland was the first to cross the threshold of 100 TFlops with the GALERA cluster. The current system will be the first to cross the threshold of 1 PFlop (1000 TFlops).


Links to materials Gdansk University of Technology:

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