The most powerful computing cluster in Poland

1700 nodes and computing power of 1.6 PFlops

The MEGATEL company - as a leader of the MEGATEL and ACTION companies consortium - will be the supplier of the strongest supercomputer in Poland for the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow.



The consortium and AGH Cyfronet have signed a contract worth more than PLN 41 million to build this super-machine. The structure will consist of over 1700 servers connected by Infiniband network with a total computing power of more than 1.6 PFlops.

The uniqueness of the installation is also the fact that the cluster will take little space - even for the current level of technology - a total of 15 racks including the cooling system. Considering the power consumption (700kW) in comparison to the space occupied (15 m2) - it must be admitted that it will be a real "ultrabook" among clusters. However, strongly advise against moving it - it weighs over 30 tons.

Such density (144 2-processor servers with Infiniband switches per single rack cabinet) has been obtained thanks to the use of direct liquid cooling device through the so-called dry contact. Another unique feature of the installation are completely sealed racks - without an external circulation of cool air. Plain water at room temperature (up to 30⁰C) is fed into the pipes and absorbs heat from the electronics. The water, heated by the cluster to approx. 40 ºC in our climate is naturally cooled by special coolers located on the roof of the server room. Such a method of cooling brings more than 30% savings in operating costs.

The computer will be built based on the technology and patents of HP company (HP Apollo 8000 design dedicated for the so-called warm water cooled installations). The name of the new cluster is Prometheus. According to the TOP500 quotes (www.top500.org) of June 2014 it will be a machine placed in the first # 30 in the world, first # 15 in Europe and # 1 in Poland. Official performance tests are foreseen for June 2015.


Photo: Zbigniew Sulima - AGH Newsletter


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