"The first cluster of the new supercomputing center for science and power engineering", Institute for Nuclear Studies of A. Soltan

The first test computing cluster was launched at Swierk Computing Centre operating at the Institute for Nuclear Studies of A. Soltan. Ultimately, the new center supercomputing infrastructure is to be based on the tens of thousands of processors. Computing power of the center is going to serve to ensure safety in the nuclear power plant planned to be built in Poland. It will also be made available to researchers, government agencies and business entities.

At the nuclear facility near Otwock, the first test computing cluster has been launched of the Swierk Computing Centre (CIS) created at the Institute for Nuclear Studies of A. Soltan (IPJ). "Our first small cluster is based on 72 cores combined with 150 gigabytes of operating memory and 50 terabytes of disk space" says M. Sc. Adam Padee, the head of the team creating the Swierk Computing Centre infrastructure. "Ultimately, the next year, when the adaptive work at the Center building will be completed, we will start to complete the infrastructure consisting of tens of thousands of processors, many tens of terabytes of memory and several petabytes of storage space, and users will have access to a variety of software environmrnts" - explains the IT specialist.

Swierk Computing Centre is a Institute for Nuclear Studies project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. The supercomputing center created under the project is expected to provide computing power to scientists, engineers and government institutions operating mainly in the field of energy, including nuclear energy. "One of our priorities will be the calculations and safety analyzes of the designed, constructed and operated nuclear installations" informs Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna, director of the Institute for Nuclear Studies. "By worldwide cooperation with organizations of nuclear safety, we collect computer codes that allow modeling of the processes occurring in nuclear installations and the operation of the devices and power subsystems in even the most extreme conditions - for example, those that occurred in Fukushima," adds Prof. Wrochna. Swierk Computing Centre computer scientists and analysts already learn to use the obtained programs, inter alia, the one of the Vienna International Atomic Energy Agency. Starting the test cluster will allow the administrators to learn how to manage the infrastructure work and users' activity. Members of the analytical teams will be able to run and test their applications in conditions close to the target ones.

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