Zeus cluster supercomputer of AGH strongest in Poland

At the just published, prestigious list of TOP 500 most powerful computers on the planet - Zeus cluster of ACK CYFRONET AGH has took a high, 161st position in the world.

This success was achieved thanks to a significant expansion of the current configuration of the cluster; currently, its computational power is as high as 55 TeraFlops (Flops - computer performance unit, specifically - efficiency of systems implementing floating-point calculations) and disk storage - 640 terabytes. Solutions used in the cluster were provided by Hewlett-Packard.

Zeus cluster works on the basis of the Scientific Linux (SL) operating system and is intended for scientific computing. Zeus is part of a national grid infrastructure created under the PL-Grid (Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme) - project which allowed funding the purchase of equipment for ACK CYFRONET at AGH: a computer and disk storage. It is worth noting that the cluster is equipped with modern and energy efficient L56XX type Intel Xeon processors.

Access to the cluster resource enables scientists to scale up the calculations carried out in the framework of scientific research, which would be impossible to achieve using a single computer, and will contribute to the expansion of scientific cooperation within the country as well as internationally. Access is free for scientists and all those engaged in research activities related to the university or research institute in Poland.


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