Computing cluster for ACMIN (Academic Center for Materials and Nanotechnology)

Under a public tendering procedure, MEGATEL has carried out a project of computing cluster based on Intel x86 and NVIDIA Tesla accelerators. The cluster consists of 96 2-processor nodes and 32 pieces of accelerator cards. The nodes are connected via Infiniband.

The total computing power of a cluster is 31 TFlops for x86 nodes and 13 TFlops for nodes provided with accelerators.

Ganglia, Torque and HP SIM management software was used.

The disk resource itself is a very interesting solution. It is based on a shared HP EVA disk array and HP X9000 disk heads using the IBRIX Fusion file system. The aggregate throughput has exceeded 600 MB/s for read and write in the dd benchmark test.



We keep our fingers crossed for those interesting technology projects.


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