TRYTON supercomputer

Gdansk University of Technology CI TASK

We have done it. We built the first Polish petaflop system.

On March 2, 2015 at the Technical University of Gdansk at the Computing Centre TASK a ceremonial took place for starting the computing cluster. The ceremony was attended by representatives of science, business and politics. During a media show the official name of the supercomputer - TRYTON - was announced and its future use was presented.

The cluster built by the MEGATEL - ACTION consortium is an air-cooled system with the highest computing power in Poland. It was built in a record time of 60 days.

TRYTON is the world's first implementation of XL230 HP (HP APOLLO 6000 series) modular servers - a design specialized for densely packed air-cooled systems.

Over 1,300 2-processor servers were used in 34 racks. The entire network is connected via Infiniband and Ethernet. Altogether, more than 7 km of cables and 18 tons of equipment was used.

A video about the project:


Courtesy of PG CI TASK.


Detailed specifications can be found on the CI TASK website.

We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the CD NIWA project and wish all users of the TRYTON supercomputer fruitful calculations.